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Why it is important to choose a right Child Care Centre for your kids

Early Learning Centres are children’s first exposure to a structured learning experience providing opportunity to learn, share and interact. Early learning covers the best time for brain development (birth to five years) as well as emotional and social development. Therefore, it is important that we enrol our kids in centres providing the best possible learning environment to set our children up for school and rest of their lives.

US (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development – NICHD) carried a research and reported to identify effects of child care. Research showed that:

  • Children cared exclusively by their mother did not develop differently than those cared by others e.g. child care
  • However, children cared by Early Learning Centres with a warm, supportive environment had better social, language and cognitive development. Research also showed that there are only small percentage of child cares providing such environment
  • High-quality care was related to the amount of “positive care giving” provided which is linked to Child Care’s vision, philosophy and teachers to:
    • Show positive attitude
    • Respond frequently to the children’s agenda
    • Ask questions
    • Encourage
    • Provide time to play, experiment, problem solve and make mistakes
    • Sing songs and read books
    • Discourage negative interactions


  • Definite benefits for children attending Early Learning centres which could result in better social, emotional, language and cognitive development
  • Benefits are only possible with right child care so it is important that parents choose the right child care for their kids
  • Child care with positive attitude, right philosophy, engagement and fun based educational programme provides the best environment for children to accelerate their growth.
  • Such child cares are rare so important that parents take time to choose the right child care

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