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Why Children need Early Childhood Education

Normally parent(s) see child care as just another caring place for their kids when they are busy with their jobs, education or with other responsibilities. In reality child care has lot more to it. It is children’s first exposure to a structured experience providing them an opportunity to learn, share, follow and interact. These are all very important skills and tools to succeed in life.

Below are some very good reasons for kids to attend an Early Education Centre.

  1. Emotional and Social Development

Birth to school age is the period of greatest growth and development. This is the time when children through their relations with others develop their social and emotional skills for which Early Learning can assist in number of ways such as:

  • Having positive conversations and storytelling about emotions and social situations
  • Being attentive, open and responsive with children and being aware of their development through observations
  1. Offers structure and fun

Early Learning coach and encourage appropriate behaviors and outcomes through an organised and structured program of promoting socializing and learning

  1. Encourages children’s curiosity and creativity

Children find freedom to choose and control their activities without undue interference. Children should also get access to high quality resources with opportune time to play and experiment with different objects, colors, problem solve and make mistakes to foster curiosity and creativity within a secure environment

  1. Promotes Mathematics, Cognitive, Reading and Language skills

Early Childhood Education helps stretch language skills of children through conversational games, asking thought provoking questions, singing, storytelling and etc.

Math skills are introduced and developed by sorting and counting games and through activities designed to grow child’s understanding of numbers.

  1. Preparing children for future schooling

Early Learning Centres with experienced educators provide tools and learning that children need to prepare and succeed at the school to ensure smooth transition to school

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