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The learning environments
at Little Twinkles provide a range of natural and built resources that encourage children to explore, manipulate and represent their ideas.

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Our daily routine provides opportunities for children to engage in small group, large group and individual experiences, which helps children develop the social and emotional skills needed for their everyday interactions. Here at Little Twinkles, we value families and the knowledge they have of their children. That is why it is important for us to build long lasting, reciprocal relationships that allow us to get a better understanding of each child and their needs. Little Twinkles is committed to providing healthy eating education through the meals we provide. To achieve this, our aim is to provide children the opportunities to be a part of the growing, harvesting and cooking process. Little Twinkles values the role each educator plays in the education and care of the children within our service. We support our educators through continuous professional development and using the Early Childhood Australia code of ethics to guide our practice within the service.

We are a Family

We partner with and value families to work individually on each child’s growth and learning

We are Passionate

We are passionate to provide the best possible learning experiences for children to support their mental health and social growth

We are Creative

We encourage and support out of the box thinking and ideas to develop innovative thinking and solutions