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Little Twinkle is committed to contribute towards supporting local Community Needs

Little Twinkle Long Day Care Centre is now open for almost two months. The centre is located at 56 Church Street, South Windsor and is conveniently located across from South Windsor Public School.

The centre is committed to meeting the needs of the local community and the families who live here. In the short time that the centre has been open we have taken a number of actions which we believe will help us better serve the needs of our community.

  • Enrolment Special: Little Twinkle has introduced a special where we waive the upfront bond payment at the time of the enrolment, which on average saves $500 (holding deposit) for each family
  • Sibling Discount: Little Twinkle has introduced $10 sibling discount where two or more siblings attend the centre, the youngest sibling would receive a $10 discount to their daily rate. This could potentially reduce overall child care cost by more than $1500 annually for a sibling requiring care three times a week
  • Sessional care: Little Twinkle offers 3 sessions of care (11 hours, 10 hours and 9 hours). This allows families to spread their eligible hours of care over the fortnight further. For example, families with 24 subsidised hours per fortnight (usually caters two days) can spread them over 3 days in the fortnight by using 8 hours of care per day
  • No minimum day criteria: Little Twinkle does not apply any minimum number of days criteria for children’s enrolment. Many centres apply minimum of 2 days per week rule which alienates families eligible for only 24 hours of subsidy (equivalent to 1 day per week). Therefore, Little Twinkle attracts high number of parents only looking for 1 day per week, serving a major local community need
  • Working with local businesses: Little Twinkle is working with local businesses to offer tailored child care packages to their employees. This could help them attract or retain strong talents but also encourage greater labour participation rate from the locals. Please let us know if your local business would be interested in finding out more about our tailored child care packages.

We have a long way to go but we are fully committed to contribute towards supporting our local community. Please do not hesitate to contact or provide feedback via email

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