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Importance of Early Childhood Education

Ninety percent of a child’s brain development occurs in the first five years of their life, making an “early childhood education” an absolute key to set the children up for school and the rest of their lives.

Similarly, research shows that children who participates in quality Early Childhood Education program are more likely to arrive at school equipped with the social, intellectual and emotional skills they need to engage in learning. These benefits continue over lifetime such as improved economic participation, health outcomes and family wellbeing.

Therefore, Early Childhood education is critical, however quality of the program is equally important for it to be effective and yield benefits. It must provide positive learning experience which helps children develop their brain in a healthy way creating mental strength, creativity and positive attitude.

Little Twinkle Child Care – South Windsor

At Little twinkle, our vision, teachers, resources and programme are designed and developed to provide a natural and play based positive learning experience by:

  • Providing children freedom to choose and control their activities without undue interference from adults
  • Teachers being attentive, open and willing to be responsive to children’s agenda and being aware of their development through observation
  • Artwork is key in our educational program. Artwork allows children to use creativity and imagination and provides opportunity to turn their feelings and thoughts into something physical
  • High-quality resources to foster creativity by allowing children to experiment with different objects, colours and textures
  • Providing opportune time to play. Play provides children with opportunity to problem solve, make mistakes, build connections and create within a secure environment

We are looking forward to open and forge a strong partnership with parents and student to encourage and foster children’s natural curiosity and creativity by providing positive learning experiences

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